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Q: Which pho is free of MSG?
The Vegetarian Pho is the only one that is MSG-free. However, you can always request any of the other pho combinations to be made with the vegetarian broth.

Q: What are some of the most popular pho combinations that you recommend?
– #13 Pho if you DO NOT like fat in your steak
– #18 Pho if you DO like fat in your steak
– #16 Pho if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try textured meats like tripe (stomach lining, chewy texture) and tendon (ligament, gelatin texture)

Q: I don’t like my meat rare, should I still order the rare steak?
The rare steak is only rare before it hits the broth. Once it arrives to your table, it should be finished cooking. It usually cooked to about medium well. If you are concerned, you can request for it to be extra cooked.

Q: What are your vegetarian or vegan options?
– Our #20 Pho is vegetarian and vegan-friendly
– A tofu substitution can be requested for our Fried Eggrolls appetizer or the Vermicelli Bowl entree (This is vegetarian-friendly, but not vegan)
– A tofu substitution can be requested for our Spring Rolls appetizers. Please allow for a longer wait to fry the tofu (This option is both vegetarian and vegan friendly)

Q: What are your gluten-free options?
– All of our pho combinations are gluten-free, except for any that has the meatballs
– Our Spring Rolls are gluten-free. BUT the sweet brown sauce that comes with them is NOT. Please request the fish sauce if you have a gluten intolerance
– Hoisin and soy sauce are NOT gluten-free

Q: I ordered pho and received a vegetable plate, what do I do with it?
The vegetable plate is for your Pho, everything is optional to use:
– Bean sprouts are for a crispy texture
– Thai basil (only use the leaves) extracts a minty/licorice flavor into the broth
– Lime or lemon wedges are for a sour flavor
– Jalapeños are for spice

Q: What are the sauces on my table?
– The red bottle is Sriracha: Spicy
– The brown bottle is Hoisin: Sweet & salty
– The silver tin is Chili Oil: Smokey & spicy
(You can also request soy sauce & concentrated fish sauce with us)

– Extra meat = $2.00 / Extra noodles in the bowl = $1.00 / Extra noodles on the side = $2.50
– Adding bok choy or tofu = $1.00
– Adding meat balls to a combo = $.50 / Adding shrimp to a combo = $2.50
– Extra onions or cilantro = $.50
– Extra sprouts, limes, peppers, or basil = $.50
– Extra side of steak = $2.50
– Extra side of meatballs = $2.50

*** Prices do not include 7.85% Utah State Tax

*** We may require customers to pre-pay for takeout placed over the phone, if it is a big order or if it is close to closing time

*** Dine-in area always closes 30 minutes before posted closing time. Takeout orders are accepted until then

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