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– The Fried Eggrolls can be vegetarian (pork is substituted with tofu)
– The Spring Rolls can be vegetarian/vegan (meat is substituted with tofu, or made with vegetables and noodles only)
– The Vegetarian Pho is the only combination that is MSG-free
– All of the Pho is gluten-free, besides any combination with the meatballs

– Extra meat or extra noodles = $1.00
– Adding bok choy or tofu = $1.00
– Adding meat balls = $.50
– Extra onions or cilantro = $.50
– Extra sprouts, limes, peppers, or basil = $.50
– Extra side of noodles = $2.00
– Extra side of steak = $2.50
– Extra side of meatballs = $2.50

*** Prices do not include 7.85% Utah State Tax
*** We may require customers to pre-pay for takeout placed over the phone, if it is a big order or if it is close to closing time

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