Pho Tay Ho originally opened in 1995 and was located on the first floor of an apartment complex. The owner, Mai, created a menu that was very simple, but focused. Appetizers included fried eggrolls, steamed eggrolls, and vermicelli noodles. The main entree was Pho, a dish unique to the Vietnamese culture, consisting of rice noodles, vegetables, and cuts of beef. She chose to specialize on this dish for three reasons: it was healthy, it was delicious, and it could be reasonably priced for customers.

When she moved the restaurant to a new location down the street in 2009, she added a couple additional dishes to the menu, including the fresh Spring Rolls, the Vietnamese salad, and most notably – the Chicken and Vegetarian Pho.

Her restaurant’s successful transition landed a story on the front cover of Salt Lake Tribune (http://www.sltrib.com/food/ci_13551247) and earned the “Best Pho” award in 2012 and “Best Broth” award in 2014 in City Weekly’s annual “Best of Utah” issue (http://www.cityweekly.net/utah/article-2-15663-best-of-utah-2012-food-drink.html?current_page=8), showing that her family’s teamwork really pays off.

Pho Tay Ho
Pho Tay Ho 2
Pho Tay Ho 4

The current location of the restaurant is a remodeled home. The new area is cleaner, newer, and more cozy. All of the items on the menu are prepared and made by Mai and only Mai. Although her menu is small, the varied combinations of Pho are endless…making Pho Tay Ho a true “noodle house.”

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